There are a variety of different ways that we offer support, such as: support in the community, assisting with hospital discharge, rehabilitation and more.

Support in the community

We offer community support. This may be transport and support to appointments, to attending clubs, church services to embarking on activities out in the community. All staff are expected to have business insurance on their vehicles so that service users can be transported in their cars where needed.

Return from hospital (hospital discharge)

A service that prepares your home for your return from hospital, liaising with the health professionals to make sure that everything is in place for a safe discharge.

Respite Care

Providing company (including Sleepovers) when the regular carer needs a break.

Rehabilitation Services

  • Motivating service users to maintain plans agreed with social workers, occupational therapists and other professionals
  • Help with the development of household management skills, including advising on nutrition, cooking, budgeting
  • Help with re-developing self-care skills (e.g. following stroke or operation)

Companionship / Sit In Services

If it is company, you are lacking and you find yourself socially isolated or excluded, then perhaps our companionship service would suite you. We are able to supply care staff that would spend as much time with you as you require and who may assist / enable you to maintain that lifelong hobby or interest that you have had to stop or miss. We will endeavour to match the companion to the individual and you may find over time that they offer valuable practical and emotional support.

Telephone Monitory Checks

Some individuals have loved ones and relatives that live far away and there may be a need for somebody to regularly telephone the individual at the beginning and the end of the day to ensure that they are safe and comfortable and have all that need or somebody to call if they need anything. If this is a service appropriate to your needs, then please contact us.